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How to use the hair comb


How to use the hair comb?


First method

1, the first hair into a pony tail

2, the hair tight, to the left

3, down around, the purpose is to become a circle

4, the tail into the plate in the bun

5, Bob used to provoke a hair

6, will be inserted into the elastic Bob in the hair.

7, finished product

8, it can also be inserted at the other end, remember to press a hair below this disk tightly

Second methods

1, the first hair into a pony tail

2, hair right round, note that at this time not to the rubber band as the center, and in the above band

3, and then to the left

4, and then to the right, so to go around, until all the hair into the disc

5, the Bob and the rubber band insertion, elastic pull a little upward position

6, to insert a hairpin in the hair

7, finished product

8, change a point of view

Third methods

1, tie a pony tail

2, hair left around, with a hand, give the skin to get a little, save buried in the hair can not find, my band is black, for everyone to see clearly, so brush trace yellow

3, hair and then around

4, hair around the rubber band position

5, around the hair into the rubber band, to put them up with a rubber band

6, the bundle of hair to continue to the left around a circle, attention to the back of a circle of hair around the back of the first circle, which is hidden in the back of the first lap. Note that I took the left index finger, is the second lap around the hair, then basically only a hair end.

7, the tail to plug into the sinews inside, with a rubber band tied it.

8, finished product

Fourth methods

1: 3, 4, crossing the 5 fingers

2 twist the hair, just twist the hair

3 hair in the middle of the 2 fingers and 3 fingers.

4 winding 2 finger ring. This figure hair tail has been around the 2 finger of a circle, from the big point out, ready to circle around second.

Note: the hair do not twist, light around on it.

5 around second laps, with the left hand thumb on the tail.

The 6 hairpin inserted into the top-down through the ring on the 2 finger.

7 the hairpin sideways in the past to the left, to the scalp deep rolling, and a pinch of hair from the left front, drill out. This step should be forced! Be careful not to hurt yourself! Wear a hair is the pinch: a pinch of just twisted hair, just a handful of these words do not know how to describe! So hard to describe! I am in the last picture, use the brush to refer to that group of hair.

8 green painted the other is said on the steps to complete the hair hairpin from that group of hair out of the!

Fifth methods:

Litchi's: (for longer hair, less hair, mm)

1 the long comb shun;

2 with a rubber band to tie their hair into a high ponytail;

3 the pony tail;

The 4 elastic ponytail as the center, braids a circle into a circular disk, fixed with black small hairpin endings;

5 with portal wrapped his hair;

6 will be a beautiful ring le in internet;

7 finally in the hair appropriate do not match with the clothes color small hairpin, fixed distribution.

The other:

tooth comb

The first one: the hair rolled up, it is recommended to wet some of the hair more easily set

Some tooth comb hair on the right side up (about every hair how smoothly)

After the hair, the comb will be turned to the front by the left insert, complete!

The tail can hide in, can also be used to comb hair comb carding anti chaos


Second: the same is the hair up, I was lazy, with the previous use of the photo

Hairpin out ~ ~ ~

My hair is wound to the hairpin

After winding up the hairpin, hairpin tip inserted down, complete! Oblique plug more taste.

There is a two with a bang bang hairpin on the market, the firm estimates inserted than this one stick.

Small grab

Third species:

Roll ah roll roll into a curved ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sometimes the disk is not good, there will be some chaos in the middle, you can clip on the clip to stop it

This is their version, using only a small grip

This is the two Bang Bang hairpin

Hair caught in a pony tail

My hair twisted into a circle, hair inside, seize

Provoke a wisp of hair hairpin

Just pick a wisp of hair on live hair, then close to the scalp hair clasp inserted, complete